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Junior Boaters

Did you know- Lake Norman can hold 3.4 TRILLION gallons of water! That is enough water to fill 57 million bath tubs!  Which means you could take one bath a day for 155,000 years!

Did you know -The life jackets on the Titanic were made of cork!  That is the same kind of cork used in classroom cork boards today!

The Boating Safety Resource Center reports that every 2 1/2 hourssomeone is injured or killed in a boating accident!  Your chance of drowning wearing a life jacket, is 1 person in every 66 people compared to not wearing a life jacket which is 1 person in every 11!  

Practice - Practice the boating knots the U.S. Coast Guard use 

The best way to ensure you are safe on the water, is to wear a life jacket no matter your swimming ability!

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