Whats Next?

Upon submitting an inquiry form and attending your first interest Flotilla business meeting, your next step is completing and passing the New Member Exam, submission of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary application, fingerprinting and submission to DIRAUX.

After Submission, the recruit will undergo a Personal Security Investigation (PSI).  During this time the new member enters an Approval Pending (AP) status.  Once a favorable PSI is issued, the member can either enter Initially Qualified (IQ) or Basically Qualified (BQ).  To enter BQ status, an Auxiliarist must have passed one of the below courses:

  • ​Boating Skills and Seamanship (BS&S)
  • Sailing Fundamentals (SF) 
  • Boating Safely Course America's Boating Course (ABC)
  • United States Power Squadron (USPS)
  • Public Boating Boat Smart Courses

Once a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary you may wear the Auxiliary uniform and display the Auxiliary Ensign on your "Facility" and preform tasks for the Auxiliary and Coast Guard.  

Below are documents for your reference:


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